It's human to be social. 

The majority of work gets done in a social, communal and informal way. However, many organizations are controlled by a rigid hierarchy that stifles learning, collaboration and innovation. These are not supportive of human needs or wants.  

Technology and cultural changes are moving workplaces away from this traditional formalism. I harness social human nature to benefit the leaders, employees, customers and owners of organizations. 

The work I do as a digital collaboration leader helps increase organizational agility, innovation and learning using digital collaboration networks and communities.

Following lean startup principles, I help build and facilitate networks and communities for organizations that want to shift towards being human-centered, responsive and purpose-driven. I follow a simple process to guide my work:

Purpose > Engagement > Collaboration > Agility and Innovation

These can be internal networks and communities, networks between employees and customers, vendor communities, or wider problem solving groups.

To support your organization as it shifts, I will make generate measurable business value from informal and social learning strategies, social collaboration technology, and networked organizational design and change.  

If you have ever wondered what a true learning organization looks like, I can help you create one.