Supporting Workplace Personal Learning Plans

I work in a networked organisation, lacking a traditional heirarchy. As a result, learning plans and goals are not "pushed" out to our employees. We have accountability agreements that outline our general accountabilities and we create our own careers depending on interests, expertise and knowledge.

Performance managers help coach and support employees to achieve mutually-created accountabilities and goals. It places a lot of responsibility on the employee. In my role as a performance-supporting learning specialist, I was asked to create a guide to help our employees and performance managers discuss and create personal learning plans.

Every plan will be different, but I wanted to encourage support for informal and social learning. Furthermore, I also wanted to encourage the sharing of new learning and collaboration on learning. Here's my first attempt a open Google Doc that you are welcome to edit, comment and use if useful: Personal Learning Plan 

I'd like to acknowledge that I took a large portion of inspiration from's Personal Learning Plan post by Geoff Walker.