Why You Should Join #networkedlearningbc: Reprise

Holly MacDonald and I are hosting a meetup for anyone interested in networked/connected, informal and social learning at the Habanero Consulting Group office (510 - 1111 Melville) on Monday January 28th from 6-8pm. Sign up on our Meetup page.

Holly very eloquently explains the reasons behind this in her blog for our first meetup. However, I wanted to add some reasons that you may want to attend.

As Harold Jarche summarised: you are as good as your network

As good connectivists, we know that we can’t know everything. Instead we “store” our collective knowledge in our networks. It’s no longer a case of retrieving information from memory; it’s knowing how to access and connect with our networks. You can’t network learn by rote (unfortunately the UK Education minister doesn't understand this).

Social media has made international networks accessible to all those who can afford technology. School, university and workplace learning is changing as a result. If you’re interested in how networked learning in it’s many guises (social learning, informal learning, connected learning etc.) changes learning in the workplace or classroom, come and join us.

For our first meetup, we encourage you to bring along a learning-related challenge you have been working on. As a group we can help brainstorm how networked learning principles can help you meet this challenge.