Learning and IT Training

As part of my role as a learning designer for portal/intranet and web design company one of my roles is to help redesign our training offerings. From my experience, software and IT solution training generally looks like this:

Long, in-depth instructor-led classroom or webinar training seems the norm. Naturally, professional consultants want to instruct/tell users the 'correct' way to use a new solution and everything it does. And clients expect traditional training, a requirement to check off on the project plan. Howewever, large IT solutions such as intranets are developed to coincide, create or follow organisational change. Therefore, training on the solution should follow this reasoning.

The company I work for has a very attractive purpose: to help people and organisations thrive. Our training doesn't follow this right now. Next week I'm going to kick off with a presentation on ways to improve our training including: connected social and informal learning, problem-based learning, pull and in-demand learning, lean learning, spaced learning, and user-created/contextualised learning.

To make sure I practice what I preach, I'm going to invite everyone in the company to join the conversation - a social learning experience to create a community of trainers.

As I narrate my experiences, I'll blog about ways we can use each method and incorporate the latest research from education, psychology and neuroscience into IT training.