Learning and IT Training: Pt 2

As a learning specialist, I have to practice what I preach. As I try to take a lead in improving the effectiveness of the training we offer clients, there’s no place for lecturing on learning theory. Instead, I decided to initiate a social learning experiment and invite everyone to a create a community of new trainers. I started by telling those present in a meeting:

It’s amazing how much people can learn when given just a small amount of information to get started.

And that’s what I gave those present - a small amount of information. In eight minutes I covered the idea of old-school, expert-led training and how it informs our ideas of learning. Then I explained some simple concepts based on research that suggest different ways of thinking about training.  My slides are below (and include slightly more speakers notes than I actually used):

My ideas are a combination of my own views, research and those of the people who helped me get my current job.

Next post, I’ll share some of the examples we came up with and how our social learning experiment is going.