L&D: Get Into the Enterprise Social Conversation

I went to a Microsoft/Yammer Working Social Tour event yesterday. It was interesting, as the presenters talked about where Microsoft was taking Yammer and the importance of cultural change in organizations to get the most from social enterprise tools. (Thankfully, the presentations kept reiterating Gartner's 80% culture, 20% technology formula). It was really all about Change Management and new ways of working with social technology.

What surprised me was the lack of any L&D people in the room

Out of 100+ attendees, there were reps from IT, general HR, communications and ops. Everyone I asked said that L&D would be asked to develop "training materials" on Yammer or other enterprise social techology as part of after a rollout. I asked the hosts if this was a pattern as they toured the globe. "Yes" was the reply. This seemed wrong. 

L&D isn't just a place to talk about choosing an LMS anymore.

There are enterprise-wide technology decisions taking place in your organization right now that will affect how your organization works and what employees use to do their work. (Is an LMS even required as your organization begins to use more social technology?)

It's time to get into those conversations.

Here's a previous post I wrote on four of those technology conversations in which you may want to get more involved.