#P2PCollab: Online Collaboration Discussion Hangout

On Thursday March 14th at 8am PST/11am eastern, Jenn Kramer of Solvable and I will be hosting our first Online Collaboration Discussion via a Google Hangout.  You can also join the conversation on Twitter with our #P2PCollab hashtag.

While there are many excellent online and print resources for both brand and B2B community managers seeking wise counsel, there are fewer options for managers establishing cultures of professional collaboration within their communities.

Jenn and I are partnering here to explore this specialized terrain and welcome the perspectives of others with a stake in successful, collaborative online communities.

As connected learners we appreciate the value that a diverse network brings to the discussion and invite you to join us in exploring the many facets of geographically scattered collaborative communities.

Want to know more about Hangouts - see Google's Guide or Learning Solutions Magazine on Six Practical Uses for Google Hangouts in Online Education.

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