Definitely Not One-Size-Fits-All: Learning and Development Job Titles

Note: I've created an updated version of this post for 2014 

bout a month ago, I put out a request on Twitter for all learning and development people to add to a list of L&D job titles. I was looking to see what titles existed, as I had been asked to select a new title for my job - a social business, performance supporting, social and informal learning promoting, collaboration and community-encouraging, learning mashup.

The crowdsourced Google Doc is here. Please feel free to add to it at any time.

Some first thought takeaways I discovered from looking at the list:

  1. There's no such thing as a Learning and Development "job" any more. I contacted many of those who added to the list and it seems that even if we have a standard title, our jobs encompass many different roles with wider business implications. L&D has evolved such a long way since we just sat in offices in HR. The most interesting L&D people I talked to, who were the most engaged in their jobs, seem to have the kind of mashup job like I do.
  2. It's difficult to get across what we do in a title. For me, it takes a description of the projects I'm working on and what business processes these are supporting before people understand what I do.  
  3. We are all consultants.  Whether trainers, elearning designers, or performance specialists, everyone I talked to either explicitly or implicitly talked about the consulting skills you need to be a success in an organization.
  4. The multitude of job titles makes salary discussions difficult. Patti Shank, the research director at the eLearning Guild, creates an excellent salary report once a year. But it's complicated to talk salaries in an industry with so many complex job roles. Do I benchmark myself to trainers, instructional designers, learning systems designers, performance specialists? I'm not sure. 




The job titles (without heirarchies attached (i.e. no Senior, Director etc., apart from CLO):

Business Interface Representative

Chief Learning Officer

Community Manager

Community consultant

Collaboration specialist


Curriculum Designer

Curriculum Specialist

Educational Consultant

eLearning Design

eLearning Designer

eLearning Developer

eLearning Manager

eLearning Producer

eLearning Specialist

Employee Experience: Learning

Human Performance Analyst

Information Architect

Innovation and Learning

Innovative Learning

Instructional Design

Instructional Designer

Instructional Technologist

Instructional Technology

Learning Analyst

Learning Consultant

Learning and Collaboration

Learning and Development

Learning and Development Innovation

Learning and Engagement

Learning and Development Facilitator

Learning and Innovation

Learning and Organizational Development

Learning and Performance

Learning and Talent Development

Learning and Technology

Learning Architect

Learning Business Partner

Learning Developer

Learning Engineer

Learning Performance

Learning Systems Engineer

Learning Technologies

Learning Technologist

Learning Technology

Learning Technology and Design

Online Learning

Mobile Learning Architect

Performance Consultant

Performance Improvement Specialist

Performance Specialist

Performance Strategist

Performance Support Architect

Professional Development

Project Consultant

Program Manager

Social Learning


Training and Development

Training Specialist

Training and Communication Specialist

Training and Technical Specialist

Workplace Learning