Need to Find a New Social Workplace/Learning Job

Unfortunately, I am being laid off today. This great company, where I have loved working, didn't grow as hoped. I'm very sad about the change.

So I am looking for a new job as of today. Here's my LinkedIn profile. 

Where do I fit?

I've found it difficult to fit my view of learning and development with the traditional job descriptions I see posted. There are plenty of roles asking for:

  • content creation
  • training manuals
  • courses
  • competency evaluations

I believe there is still an important place for these (well, maybe not training manuals) and I know some amazing learning designers. But I have yet to find a job description also searching for expertise in:

I've already written about the enormous variety of L&D titles, which further muddies the water. Now, I'm working out how to stand out amid traditional L&D applicants. Why do you think the old school remains so dominant?


I am reaching out to my network for help. I would love you to critique my LinkedIn profile. And, if after giving it a good look through, you think you have some advice, connections or ideas, please share it my way.

Ideally, I'm looking for an organization that would like to develop more effective learning support, using social networks where appropriate. I'm not picky about industry, but would like an organization that cares for their employees. 

Location: I'm in Vancouver right now, but interested in a move. My wife and I recently had our first baby (who is now three months old), so we're portable.  First choices after Vancouver: Toronto, Calgary. After that, anywhere USA or UK.

Many Thanks.


Want to know more about the new learning and development?

I'd recommend starting with Jane Hart's excellent outline of the new roles of L&D in the social workplace