Learning and Development Job Titles 2014

A year ago I wrote a popular post about Learning and Development job titles. I was in the process of changing my job title to better reflect what I do. As a result of searching for different job titles, I came to the conclusion that L&D jobs are slowly changing and cover a large potential spectrum of responsibilities in an organization that other roles may not.

Take a look at the crowdsourced Google Doc of L&D job titles. Add yours if it is not on the list.

To date, we have listed 67 different roles from corporate, public sector, and education organizations. (I still want to know what a Business Interface Representative is...)

What does this mean for me?

Recently, I had to go through a job search and wrote that while L&D roles are slowly changing, the job descriptions that we apply for say the same things as always: mostly around content and training.

The juxtaposition of where the L&D field can take you to the job descriptions you can apply for makes expectation setting, accountability and salary negotiations fluid and potentially difficult. Patti Shank at the eLearning Guild puts in tremendous effort to compile the Annual Salary Survey. But it remains difficult to benchmark salaries, especially in roles the survey calls "do a little/lot of everything."

This may or may not be a bad thing...but it remains an interesting conundrum for L&D professionals when negotiating their career paths.

L&D Job Titles for 2014

  1. Business Interface Representative

  2. Chief Learning Officer

  3. Community Manager

  4. Community consultant

  5. Collaboration specialist

  6. Curator

  7. Curriculum Architect

  8. Curriculum Designer

  9. Curriculum Specialist

  10. Customer Education Manager

  11. Educational Consultant

  12. eLearning Design

  13. eLearning Designer

  14. eLearning Developer

  15. eLearning Manager

  16. eLearning Producer

  17. eLearning Specialist

  18. Employee Experience: Learning

  19. Human Performance Analyst

  20. Information Architect

  21. Innovation and Learning

  22. Innovative Learning

  23. Instructional Design

  24. Instructional Designer

  25. Instructional Technologist

  26. Instructional Technology

  27. Learning Analyst

  28. Learning Consultant

  29. Learning and Collaboration

  30. Learning and Development

  31. Learning and Development Innovation

  32. Learning and Engagement

  33. Learning and Development Facilitator

  34. Learning and Innovation

  35. Learning and Organizational Development

  36. Learning and Performance

  37. Learning and Talent Development

  38. Learning and Technology

  39. Learning Architect

  40. Learning Business Partner

  41. Learning Developer

  42. Learning Engineer

  43. Learning Performance

  44. Learning Systems Engineer

  45. Learning Technologies

  46. Learning Technologist

  47. Learning Technology

  48. Learning Technology and Design

  49. Online Learning

  50. Mobile Learning Architect

  51. Performance Consultant

  52. Performance Improvement Specialist

  53. Performance Specialist

  54. Performance Strategist

  55. Performance Support Architect

  56. Professional Development

  57. Project Consultant

  58. Program Manager

  59. Social Learning

  60. Trainer

  61. Training Associate

  62. Training and Development

  63. Training Manager

  64. Training Specialist

  65. Training and Communication Specialist

  66. Training and Technical Specialist

  67. Workplace Learning