Want to #workoutloud? Start with your "private" calendar.

I was reflecting the other day on the roadblocks to working out loud - the process of getting our heads into the open for all to see. 

Working out loud is allowing others to know what you are thinking - your plans, assumptions, problems, likes, dislikes. It's also hard work to get started. But the results are potentially huge - an increase in creativity, innovation and learning as ideas mingle and people connect freely and openly.

The usual assumption we make when thinking about working out loud is that it involves some kind of social network. It's true - social networks thrive on this kind of exercise. But many organizations and individuals are reluctant to start. So here's a proposal to get started:

Make your work calendar public! Stop keeping it private!

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a meeting with people who all keep their calendars private. Are you really busy all day, or is that a reminder that it's your mum's birthday? 

Think of the possible serendipity in having people see what you're up to each day (useful descriptions are helpful). I can think of many occasions where I found out about a project that could do with some L&D TLC by asking someone what's booked up their day. 

Unless you have some HR/employee sensitive information, or about to pull off a secret big deal, what are you keeping private anyway? If this is an organizational policy - it's time to challenge it.

If you want to know more about Working Out Loud, buy Jane Bozath's book