Who Owns Organizational Learning? You

I’m on the move again, having had a short but fantastic time as the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Manager of L&D. Where am I going? A role in IT - to be the Lead for Social and Collaboration at Kellogg Company (as in Frosted Flakes).

My background is L&D and I enjoy creating learning programs, but my real interest is in social learning, collaboration and sharing new ideas. This is where I believe the fundamentals of being a learning organization exist.

If you get these working effectively, with all the associated skills, behaviour, organizational and cultural change that are required, you truly are a learning organization. Harold Jarche explains it much more eloquently than I can. 

Therefore, I have no reservations in switching from a role with learning in the title, to a role where organizational learning is the goal. Working with individuals, teams and groups to help them learn how to learn, how to leverage networks, and use facilitating technology.

Ironically, a solely order-taking content/course-focused learning and development group can be one of the reasons an organisation isn't a learning organisation. That’s why I believe it doesn't matter where your job exists in the organization. Learning is a mindset. Who is ultimately responsible for organizational learning? Everyone, including you.