Intranet profiles? No...use LinkedIn

What's the most useful tool you can use for working out who does what and where in your new job? Your intranet profile? HR tool? No.

It's LinkedIn (or Twitter, or your industry equivalent).



It's the only profile that people actively keep updated. If you want to genuinely learn more about the people you work with, search for them on social media.  No-one keeps their intranet profile updated - it's too time-consuming. 

My Experience

During this week - my first in my new role - and my last job, LinkedIn was invaluable as I tried to find out what everyone did. It also meant I could know a little about them, their background, and get conversations off to good start.

Not only is it great to find out more about everyone you meet, but also you can find out about others you'd like to meet. Or more information about the leaders of the organization.

People tend to provide better job descriptions on LinkedIn, rather than sticking to solely "official" (i.e. sometimes meaningless) titles on their corporate intranet or HR profile.

No everyone is on Linkedin and there you may not like the tool for various reasons (such as automatically emailing your Google contacts). But it's a great tool as you get to know your new organization.