Social Collaboration Center Offerings

This is the second post of my thoughts on how to create an innovative Social Collaboration Center. For this one, I've tried to list out the offerings that a Center could develop in order to bring value to both the organization and it's members/employees. 

It looks quite straightforward, but effective social collaboration is a behavioural and cultural shift. Therefore, nothing is easy and everything is a work in progress over time. For my purposes, this is focused on an enterprise social network, although I'm working to partner with our external digital media experts to develop wider digital skill initiatives. 

Let me know what you think about these areas of focus. I'll expand upon them in later posts:



Social Business Consulting

  • Business value consulting (finding pain points)
  • Partnership building with business units that share goals (L&D, HR, Comms, Digital Marketing etc.) 
  • Cultural analysis 
  • Organizational (re)design support
  • Wider learning initiatives (social technology and digital skill building)
  • Executive social coaching
  • Promotion and support of effective social collaboration skills such as Working Out Loud, Personal Knowledge Management, leveraging networks etc. in all consulting opportunities. 

Community and Content Strategy

  • Community facilitation support (I'm loathe to use the term "management")
  • Act as organizational connector: actively promote linkages between individuals, depts and silos.
  • Content planning (two-way content planning, acting as a community "beat reporter" etc. ) 
  • Community maturity development tailored to organization
  • Success sharing inside and outside organization

Analytics and governance

  • Establish social governance committee of active members in ESN
  • Governance standards (groups, apps, users, content history etc.)
  • Executive reporting standards and cadences
  • Reporting analytics
  • Future use/predictive analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Social network analysis (SNA)
  • Analytic software evaluation


  • Testing new releases where possible
  • Engagement with ESN vendor communities
  • Researching alternatives and new social technology 
  • Testing concepts and ideas from new tech using current where possible
  • Test mobile versions of software
  • Work mitigate current and future technical issues (e.g. browser support ending)