Ideas go nowhere in the top-down organization

Our CEO wrote a blog yesterday asking for people to submit ideas for products and others things in the comments section. I've been thinking and writing about innovation in legacy orgs recently, so I thought I'd respond using some of what I've learned.

I've been trying to help us use Yammer as an ideation platform, so I wrote what I hope is a thoughtful reply. To me, all the ideas in the world are useless without a way to support employees owning those ideas. That means lean startup-style intrapreneurship programs, agile decision making, alternative business model generation, and supplemental support such as design thinking. I said that in the response. Let me know what you think:

"People do suggest ideas everyday. I think the problem is more it's they are not heard. There is no process to help employees own ideas, test them, evaluate them, and scale the best.

I've been running Yammer for two years at ..... Yammer (and similar social tools) require a different way of working: more transparent, agile, and with ownership of ideas. It's a model well used by companies.....

If we use digital workplace tools like Yammer to their potential, X-Co would be an idea-rich network of a company. To leverage this, it means complementing with lean startup/agile business model prototyping and supportive processes like design thinking. These help you stop thinking so much, stop ever-planning, and get "doing." We could take an idea, test it and turn around very quickly. Yammer helps - but it's the other stuff that are key. Here are links to two small examples in the last two weeks in Yammer:

Idea 1: great example of innovative small win thinking with a link to the example.

Idea 2: a really current idea from an intern.

... [I had to redact a bit here]

Who knows what else we might uncover. Look at the amazing ideas that have appeared under this blog. It's not always the big data, market insight from big vendors, paid-for consultant expertise that we need.  On Yammer, every day, I see great small ideas too. We need a way for owners to take them on and run with them - quickly and with support. (I'd love to own making this a reality)."

I'll see what response I get. I hope it's positive - I see such great potential every day.